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Argument: Hunters help advance the interests of land preservation

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William Ramsdell. "In Defense of Hunting: Cruella DeVille or Captain Planet?". 18 Apr. 2008 - But alas, it goes further. People are obsessed with profit margins and productivity, which is why we landed ourselves in this chlorofluorocarbon catastrophy called global warming. So how much productivity do you think a thousand acres of prime Texas scrub land is worth assuming it isn’t covered in cows, oil wells, or Walmarts? Squat is the answer. Beyond any shadow of a doubt, if sportsmen had not placed economic importance and value on lands and species otherwise profitable only for development and abuse, massive wildlife depopulation and possibly extinction would have already taken place to an extent worse than it already has. Why can’t we save animals without killing any? Because we are a greedy, self-interested race for whom that which lacks obvious economic profitability holds little value. As the human population rises, the economic incentive to bulldoze animal habitats trails close behind. If hunters were not paying to fight off developers, the only thing standing in the way would be animals’ inherent qualities of grace and beauty. For a crash course on how humanity evaluates true, natural, romantic beauty, just look at our planet’s maimed rain forests and polluted oceans.

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