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Argument: Hillary Clinton is ideally disciplined and focused to be president

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Supporting quotes

  • "No Sure Thing. Some think Hillary's a lock. History cautions otherwise." Newsweek. Nov 9, 2007 - "Unlike Nixon, Hillary isn't selling herself as something she isn't. Her campaign reflects the person she is, disciplined and focused, machinelike in her ability to forge ahead. It's what voters look for in a president, a toughness of mind and body. Her campaign is a little cold, a little joyless, but what Clinton lacks in spontaneity she makes up for in sheer competence. She has absorbed the lessons of the White House and the Senate, and there's not much that can stump her. Besides, Cook quipped, her campaign is so tightly organized, they'll probably come up with a plan to make her look spontaneous. In the meantime she has adopted the Woody Allen School of campaigning ("90 percent of life is just showing up"), grinding it out day after day, working to neutralize her critics."

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