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Argument: High-speed rail gives criminals access to areas

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Supporting quotations

"A Destinite makes the case for rejecting high-speed rail 'gift'." The Destin Log March 6th, 2011: "I moved from a city that forced a transit system on its citizens. The government proclaimed that the train would provide jobs, promote civic progress and alleviate traffic problems. What the train actually provided was transportation for inner-city, non-automobile-owning criminals to access outlying, suburban locations. Once in these areas, the thugs proceeded to rob, assault and murder taxpaying, law-abiding citizens. To use the train, passengers must board at a station, leaving their cars parked for a certain number of hours. When they returned, they often discovered their cars had been vandalized or stolen. It was not unusual for passengers to be carjacked at gunpoint; tragically, some carjackings resulted in rape and murder. Now, on any day or night, the trains can be seen running the rails … car after car, empty of passengers."

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