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Argument: Headscarves make women sexual objects and increase predation

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

  • Nadia Gaber. "Why I Won’t Veil". The Harvard Crimson. November 17, 2006 - "The hijab presupposes that women cannot be in the presence of men in a non-sexual context, which is also insulting to the men assumed to have no control over their desires. It has become the elephant in the room, actually serving to shift our focus towards sex, rather than allowing each individual to be appreciated for their mind and not simply their body. I wish the woman on the street in Cairo this summer had understood that, and saved me the anger of having my shirt tugged in public by a stranger. But I am thankful that she forced me to analyze that anger and to confront religious beliefs that I now see are as gossamer as her headscarf itself."

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