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Argument: Head scarf bans in schools protects children from religious indoctrination

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

"Banning the hijab". Workers Power. Feb 2004 - "[...] The importance of secular education becomes clear: the school becomes a religious-free space for children so that they are not artificially divided by the accident of birth of their parents' religions. They thus leave behind religious accoutrements at home, and are able to learn in a free, equal, less divisive, and more tolerant environment. A rigorous pursuit of this policy might then enable children, as they mature, to take up a critical view of customs foisted on them, as well as being more understanding and tolerant of differences between various peoples. This would go an enormous way towards immunising bigoted views and the belief that one's (or rather one's parents') religion is superior to all others. Even in Britain, divisions on religious grounds (especially among Asians) have become appalling in many cities, a phenomenon which the left has largely ignored."

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