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Argument: Head scarf ban in schools deprives Muslim women of right to education

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Supporting quotations

Protest French Hijab Ban. Innovative Minds. Retrieved June 3rd, 2008 - "Muslim Girls Barred From Education

Thousands of Muslims girls are being denied education. They are being expelled from school if they follow their religion and wear hijab. Shamefully it has been teachers who have led the campaign to refuse education to Muslim girls. Teachers in the small town of Flers even went on strike when a 12-year-old pupil refused to remove her headscarf . Amazingly, almost without exception, all the 70 staff at the school objected to the little girl wearing hijab (Jean Monnet Junior High School, Jan 1999).

France has even tried to impose its xenophobic practices in Muslim countries. The Champollion School in the Egyptian city of Alexandria, which is a subsidiary of a French NGO, expelled a 12 year old Muslim girl last October because she began to wear hijab. Then as further punishment they expelled her three brothers from the school. When the family went to court to seek justice, the French consulate intervened with the court on behalf of the school and asked the court to consider the school officials as ‘diplomats’ who could not be tried under Egyptian law. The judge rejected the absurd claim and awarded damages to the family. It was later discovered that the school didn't even include Arabic in its syllabus! Imagine if a Muslim school in France refused to teach French!"

Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose wife and daughters observe the Islamic dress code, was quoted in a 2007 Financial Times article saying: "The right to higher education cannot be restricted because of what a girl wears."[1]

"Turkey: Headscarf Ban Stifles Academic Freedom". Human Rights Watch. June 29th, 2005 - "Turkey: Headscarf Ban Stifles Academic Freedom European Court of Human Rights to Rule on Turkish Students' Headscarf Cases

(New York, June 29, 2004)—The Turkish government’s heavy-handed interference in universities, coupled with a strict ban on headscarves for students and teachers, inhibits academic freedom, Human Rights Watch said in a report issued today. The European Court of Human Rights is scheduled today to rule on two Turkish cases concerning women excluded from higher education for wearing the headscarf."

Rachel Denber, The European Court of Human Rights. - "The Turkish authorities say they want to protect women who choose not to wear the headscarf. But bullying women out of higher education because of the way they choose to dress is a poor way to protect women’s freedoms."[2]

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