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Argument: Harder for older students to balance life/family/MBA

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Supporting quotations

Brian Bohrnstedt, Graduate of Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania at age 35, Director of Strategic Pricing for Accuride Corporatio: "It is a little more difficult when you’re in your 30’s to decide to go for a MBA. I mean there are a lot of issues you have to take into consideration especially given my circumstances with being married with kids. I really had to decide whether or not I could take two years off work and focus on my education. But the way my wife and I viewed it was we were doing it together even though I was the one that was enrolled in the program and that worked really well for us. But ultimately I kind of view it as if you want to get ahead in your career and you really have an interest in business, a MBA will serve you very well."[1]

Michael Desiderio, the Executive Director of the Executive MBA Council: "Just going back in to having to take tests and study [when you're in your 30s or 40s] and do projects when you’ve probably got a family, you’ve got a real job, you may have kids is a culture shock in many cases. I know what I tell people that are current students in the program that I was an alum of, they’ll always struggle in that first you know five or 10 weeks and I’ll say hey you’re going to have to find your flow but it will take you a little while because you’re not used to having to do this anymore. So I think the greatest challenge is just getting back into the rigor of a really hard academic program."[2]

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