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Argument: Ground zero mosque is supported by local residents and board

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Supporting quotations

Steve Chapman. "Ban a ground zero mosque?" Chicago Tribune. July 22nd, 2010: "The people who live in the vicinity don't seem to agree. The local community board voted 29-1 to approve the project, which would include a swimming pool, gym, child-care center, performing arts space and other facilities open to the public."

Steve Chapman. "The truth about the Ground Zero mosque" Chicago Tribune. July 21st, 2010: "One of the notable things about the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero is something that has somehow gone largely unnoticed: In the neighborhood where it would sit, the opposition has been minimal. The local community board approved it overwhelmingly, and Ro Sheffe, chair of the board's financial district committee, tells me that "the vast majority of the people who live here are for it."

Why would that be? Partly because the group behind it already has a mosque in the area, which has caused no problems. Partly because New Yorkers are accustomed to religious and cultural diversity. And partly because the building would be open to the public--non-Muslims as well as Muslims."

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