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Argument: Gays make an immoral choice the military need not tolerate

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Supporting quotations

Many argue that homosexuality is a choice, rather than an inherent trait that warrants protection and toleration. It would follow from this that the military is not obligated to accept or tolerate gays, or gays serving openly. One white female US military officer was quoted in the book "Gays and lesbians in the military" as saying: "It is a moral choice - people aren't born homosexual, they choose (though some can have some tendencies - they can be cured). It is a sin."[1]

One US military officer was quoted saying in the book "Gays and lesbians in the military": "Homosexual have the right to choose that lifestyle. But, if they make that choice, they should accept that they are shutting the door on some career options - including military service."[2]

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