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Argument: Gays in the military impinge privacy rights of other troops

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Supporting quotations

In 2000, Northwestern University Professor Charles Moskos, the principal author of Don't Ask Don't Tell", has argued in favor of the law mainly on the basis of "modesty rights", stating, "Fuck unit cohesion. I don't care about that...I should not be forced to shower with a woman. I should not be forced to shower with a gay [man]."[1]

Robert Maginnis. "Gays in the Military Debate". Human Events. October 4, 2007 - "If we respect women’s need for privacy from men, then we ought to respect the same need on the part of heterosexuals with regard to homosexuals. Protecting privacy in a military with open homosexuality would necessitate recognizing essentially four sexes and would severely disrupt units."

"Gays in the Military." "Single commissioned officers who reside on-base are authorized to reside in single rooms. That makes all the difference in the World. But, what about the poor, low-rank, enlisted person, who is forced to live in the barracks with a roommate? Isn't anyone concerned at all about the privacy rights of the single, low-ranking heterosexual?

I will be the first to admit that homosexuals have served in the military for generations. I will also stipulate, that most have served with honor and distinction. I will further admit that the relatively minor problems which would arise in the workplace, could be effectively handled.

What I fail to understand is exactly how the military would be expected to house openly-admitted homosexuals, in an environment where we force people to room together, without seriously violating the sexual privacy rights of the heterosexual majority, or causing major problems with morale.

I have 13 years experience as an Air Force First Sergeant. The First Sergeant, as the representative for the Commander for all enlisted matters in the unit is the primary individual who would have to make any new policy work. I can foresee the scenario going something like this."

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