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Argument: Gays in military undermine recruiting/retention of opponents

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Supporting quotations

Robert Maginnis. "Gays in the Military Debate". Human Events. October 4, 2007 - Retention of the serving force could also be affected by lifting the ban. Military personnel tend to be conservative and self-identify with one of 104 faith groups that share General Pace’s view that homosexual behavior is 'counter to God’s law.'

[...]Recruitment of a quality volunteer force is a readiness challenge especially in wartime. Open homosexuality in the ranks will negatively impact the propensity for many young people to enlist due to the influence of parents, teachers and pastors. Americans most likely to serve voluntarily tend to be conservative and religious, the demographic least likely to embrace homosexuality.

Letter from the American Center for Military Readiness. March 3, 2009 - When the 2008 [Military Times] survey asked how people would respond if homosexuals were allowed to serve openly, 10% said they would not re-enlist or extend their service, and an additional 14% said they would consider ending their careers. These responses from active duty members are not exact indicators, but they are significant, especially when major efforts are underway to increase the Army and Marine Corps. We cannot afford to lose almost a quarter of the volunteer force, especially among careerists in grades and skills that are not quickly or easily replaceable.

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