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Argument: Gay parenting is just as good as straight parenting

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Scott Bistrup. "Gay Marriage: The Arguments and the Motives" (2004): "A long list of "studies, reports, and articles all reach the same conclusion: Children raised by lesbians and gay men do not differ from children raised by heterosexuals 'on measures of popularity, social adjustment, gender role behavior, gender identity, intelligence, self-concept, emotional problems, interest in marriage and parenting, locus of control, moral development, independence, ego functions, object relations, or self esteem.' Additionally, no significant differences have been observed in regard to ' 'teachers' and parents' evaluations of emotional and social behavior, fears, sleep disturbances, hyperactivity, and conduct differences.' (Meyer, 'Legal, Psychological, and Medical Considerations in Lesbian Parenting,' 2 Law & Sexuality: Rev. Lesbian & Gay Legal Issues 239-240 [1992])...The same article goes on to note that very few differences have been reported by some researchers: One study found children raised by heterosexual mothers had a higher rate of psychiatric disorders and psychiatric referrals than those raised by lesbians. Another study found that those raised by heterosexuals were more domineering and more often engaged in power struggles. Other studies found that children of lesbian parents showed greater tolerance for diversity and that daughters of lesbians chose to play with opposite sex partners more often than daughters of heterosexual mothers."

Health organizations supporting the quality of homosexual parenting

  • Child Welfare League of America[1]
  • North American Council on Adoptable Children[2]
  • American Academy of Pediatrics[3]
  • American Psychiatric Association[4]
  • American Psychological Association - On July 28, 2004, its Council of Representatives adopted a resolution supporting legalization of same-sex civil marriages and opposed discrimination against lesbian and gay parents.
  • National Association of Social Workers.[5]

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