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Argument: Gay marriage ban is incomparable to biracial ban

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Supporting quotations

Adam Kolasinksi. "The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage." The Tech (M.I.T.) February 20th, 2004: "Some have compared the prohibition of homosexual marriage to the prohibition of interracial marriage. This analogy fails because fertility does not depend on race, making race irrelevant to the state's interest in marriage. By contrast, homosexuality is highly relevant because it precludes procreation."

Jack Kerwick. "The failed case for gay marriage." Intellectual Conservative. February 19th, 2010: "The argument analogizing the legal proscription of "gay marriage" to that of interracial marriage is no less fallacious than any of the others that we have thus far treated. The analogy is weak, for reflection on the history of marriage and its manifestations in societies around the globe reveals in no time that if there are any indispensable components to marriage, or if it has been thought by the world's peoples that there are essential conditions in the absence of the satisfaction of which marriage is unrealizable, racial homogeneity is certainly not one of them. Matters are clearly otherwise, however, when we turn to heterosexuality."

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