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Argument: Fuel economy standards reduce emissions, fight global warming

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Supporting quotations

"Help fight global warming by bringing fuel efficient, low-emission vehicles to Illinois". Clean Cars Illinois. - Illinois and other Midwest states are moving to adopt tough new standards to reduce pollution, benefiting the region’s health and reducing global warming pollution-while also improving the area’s economy. Illinois has the opportunity to lead the Midwest in ensuring all new passenger cars and light-duty trucks will emit lower levels of global warming and other air pollutants while improving public health, and saving Illinois consumers money at the pump.

Download ELPC’s new report - Breathing Free in Illinois: Reducing Air Pollution and Improving Health through Cleaner Cars (pdf). The report highlights public health and the environmental benefits of bringing Clean Cars legislation to Illinois. You can help take the global warming pollution of more than 950,000 cars off the road each year in Illinois!

The new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) standards recently passed by Congress and signed by President Bush does not do nearly enough to increase fuel efficiency or significantly reduce global warming pollution from cars.

"Vehicle Fuel Economy. Report to the Chairman, Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, U.S. Senate". US Government Accountability Office. Aug. 2007 - Reforming Fuel Economy Standards Could Help Reduce Oil Consumption by Cars and Light Trucks, and Other Options Could Complement These Standards

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