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Argument: Expensive public insurance option would worsen national debt

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Supporting quotations

Karl Rove. "How to Stop Socialized Health Care" Wall Street Journal. June 11, 2009: "the public option is far too expensive. The cost of Medicare -- the purest form of a government-run 'public choice' for seniors -- will start exceeding its payroll-tax 'trust fund' in 2017. The Obama administration estimates its health reforms will cost as much as $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years. It is no coincidence the Obama budget nearly triples the national debt over that same period. [...] Medicare and Medicaid cost much more than estimated when they were adopted. One reason is there's no competition for these government-run insurance programs. In the same way, Americans can expect a public option to cost far more than the Obama administration's rosy estimates."

Mike Lillis. "Lieberman comes out against public plan option". Washington Post. June 15, 2009: "I’m fearful that at a time when we’re spending much too much money here in Washington, going much too deeply in debt that a public option on health care, no matter how you structure it, will end up costing the taxpayers money."

"Voters Find Serious Vulnerabilities in Democratic Health Care Proposals." Resurgent Republic. June 22, 2009: "Concern about runaway federal spending and mounting federal debt is the Achilles heel of the Obama health care plan. Its opponents should place these fiscal concerns at the center of their argument. [...] concern about rising health care costs outstrips every other economic concern today. Health care costs rank first on the list of greatest financial concerns (19%), ahead of paying for retirement (16%) or the mortgage (13%), losing a job (12%), education costs (11%) or taxes (8%)."

"The problem with the public option is that our government cannot run any program successfully." Investment Watch. August 18, 2009: "Democrats are putting this Country into debt by borrowing from Taxpayers. Guess who ends up paying for these Taxes?? The American Taxpayers.

Stimulus 787 Billion, proposed 1.4 Trillion for Healthcare, 3 Billion for Cash for Clunkers, another proposed 700 Trillion for Extended Stimulus,

Cap and Trade Regulation….. Need anyone say more about how the Democrats are pulling this Nation Unnecessarily into deep Tax debt??


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