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Argument: Existing laws check unfair practices by broadband owners

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Supporting quotations

"Existing Laws Already Guarantee Your Open Internet." Hands Off the Internet on Opposing "This is one of the most overlooked points in the Net neutrality debate: Existing laws and regulations ALREADY GUARANTEE an open Internet. The Communications Act of 1934 (Title 1) gives the federal government power to protect consumers from online discrimination. Amazon is one of the strong corporate supporters of Net neutrality regulation but even its spokesman has agreed that this gives the FCC power to take action if presented with unfair business tactics by broadband providers."

Robert McDowell. "Hands off the Internet." Washington Post. April 9, 2010: "Policymakers ought to agree on a sensible middle ground. In lieu of new rules, which would be tied up in court for years anyway, the FCC could forge a partnership with the long-standing nongovernmental bodies that have collaborated on Internet governance for years. Working together, we could spotlight allegations of anticompetitive conduct and seek resolution. This approach, coupled with strict enforcement of our antitrust laws, could provide the benefits some are seeking without incurring the risks and costs of a regulatory regime."

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