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Argument: Euthanizing disabled persons is a family decision not a state one

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Supporting quotations

The American Civil Liberties Union Reproductive Rights Project Director Elisabeth Benjamin said in a March 29, 2006 press release entitled "NYCLU Urges Legislature to Let Families Make Medical Decisions for Incapacitated Patients" - "Our current law bars an incapacitated patient's loved ones from making medical decisions on her behalf... Disregarding a family's wishes can delay a patient's treatment, compromising her well-being and adding significantly to the cost of her care. Alternatively, it can put her at risk of being subjected to burdensome, highly invasive, and extended medical treatment that violates her wishes, values or religious beliefs. It's time for the legislature to put an end to this wrong by passing a law that empowers family members to refuse or advocate for life-sustaining treatment."[1]

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