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Argument: Euthanasia is a family decision, not a state decision

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Supporting quotations

Diane E. Meier, M.D., told The New York Times in an April 1, 2005 article entitled "Schiavo's Case May Reshape American Law" - "I am concerned about the erosion of a very hard-won multiple-decade process of agreeing that these [end-of-life] decisions belong inside families... I think that is at risk."[1]

Charlie Crist, former Attorney General of Florida and current governor, was quoted in an April 20, 2006 article in the AZ Republican, entitled "Attorney General Says Bush Had Schiavo Case Wrong" - "I am pro-life and I respect life.. There are some decisions that ought to be left to God and family... Had I been governor, I would not have done the same thing [as Jeb Bush]... These kinds of end-of-life matters do not belong in government."[2]

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