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Argument: Emissions exemptions for China/India will inflate outsourcing to them

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Supporting quotations

"US fears emission exemptions would send jobs to India, China". Thaindian News. April 15th, 2008 - "The White House has suggested that exempting emerging economies from restrictions on carbon emissions would not only not solve the problem of climate change but also send many US jobs to India and China. 'One of our big concerns is that developing nations weren’t included in the Kyoto Protocol,' White House press secretary Dana Perino said Monday reacting to a top UN official’s suggestion that China and India should not have to submit to the same restrictions as the US and other developed nations.

It would be a good thing if major economies like the US ratcheted down their emissions, she said, 'but if you ratchet down too far and too fast and the technologies can’t keep up, you force businesses in America to find another place to manufacture.

'They’re likely going to go to a place that doesn’t have those emission limits or doesn’t have any sort of environmental control,' Perino said. 'And those jobs that we’ve seen over the past have moved to countries like China and India.'"

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