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Argument: EU not responsible for bailing out reckless Greece

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Supporting quotations

"The EU’s Greek Bailout Mistake." The Independent Institute. May 2010: "Members of the EU agreed to limit their deficits and public debt as a condition of membership, and Greece violated the agreement, which landed them in financial trouble. One way to look at this bailout is to ask whether, when the rules are violated, the violators should suffer the consequences, or be helped by those who did not violate the rules. On that ground, the answer is clear: Greece violated the rules and should not be bailed out. Furthermore, the bailout violates the EU’s own rules saying the Community shall not assume the commitments of central governments."

"Debt crisis: It's time the EU had a new economic philosophy". Guardian. May 2010: "The events in Greece are, first and foremost, a terrible judgement on a corrupt and deceitful establishment in Greece, which was able to wangle its way into the euro system by deploying fraudulent statistics manufactured (with help from major international banks) by the previous Greek conservative government."

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