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Argument: Divisions on public vs. private healthcare suggests a hybrid

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Supporting quotations

Jacob Hacker. "The case for public plan". The Institute for America's Future: "Perhaps that is why Americans have long been strongly supportive of public-private hybrids in health care, believing that neither the government nor private insurance should be the sole source of coverage in a reformed system. In polls, a Medicare-like program covering all Americans beats the current system hands down. Yet Americans are even more receptive toward a mandate on employers to provide coverage.78 Historically, Americans have been deeply divided about their preferred approach to expanding health insurance. Although repeated surveys find a majority endorsing “national health insurance” for most of the second half of the twentieth century, when asked explicitly, Americans split evenly between those who favor administration of insurance benefits by government and those who prefer subsidies for private insurers.79 Thus, Americans seem to desire a combination of both private employment-based coverage and expanded public programs."

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