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Argument: Discriminating against Muslim forms of child-indoctrination is wrong

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

"Banning the hijab". Workers Power. Feb 2004 - "A further argument to justify banning the headscarf at school revolves around youth oppression. To allow girls and young women to attend school with their head covered is tantamount to denyng their right to be treated as citizens equal to non-Muslim women who are not obliged be veiled.

But what about young women who are also forced to adopt other religious practices. They may not be veiled, but they still have their head pumped with reactionary rubbish about the role of women and are denied the right to sexual freedom that other young women are able to enjoy. These young women are denied the sexual equality enjoyed by more liberated and religion-free women. Rumy's argument assumes that equality can be achieved by the superficial means of removing religious symbols. But class society and inequality is more complex."

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