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Argument: Developed states have more available money to fight climate change

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Supporting quotations

Anup Shah. "Climate Justice and Equity". Global Issues. January 01, 2008 - It is unfair to expect the third world to make emissions reductions to the same level as rich nations

It is therefore unfair to expect the third world to make emissions reductions, especially considering that their development and consumption is for basic needs, while for the rich, it has moved on to luxury consumption and associated life styles.

"Climate change and developing countries". World Resources Institute (WRI). 2003 - "Much of the growth in emissions in developing countries results from the provision of basic human needs for growing populations, while emissions in industrialized countries contribute to growth in a standard of living that is already far above that of the average person worldwide. This is exemplified by the large contrasts in per capita carbons emissions between industrialized and developing countries. Per capita emissions of carbon in the U.S. are over 20 times higher than India, 12 times higher than Brazil and seven times higher than China."[1]

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