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Argument: Decriminalization would reduce the high number of marijuana arrests

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Support evidences

  • In 1999, 46 percent of the 1,532,200 total arrests for drug abuse violations were for marijuana-a total of 704,812. Of those, 620,541 people were arrested for possession alone. Marijuana arrests have doubled in the last ten years.[1]
  • Marijuana Arrests at All-Time High, Far Exceed Violent Crime Arrests 10/29/04. The FBI reported Saturday that the number of arrests for violations of the marijuana laws hit an all-time high of 755,186 in 2003. Despite a decade of marijuana law reforms and protestations by police chiefs across the land that marijuana is not a priority, that figure is nearly double the number of people arrested for pot in 1993. The number of people arrested on marijuana charges exceeded the number arrested for violent crimes by more than 150,000.

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