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Argument: Corrections are made and vandalism are reverted very rapidly on Wikipedia

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Supporting quotations

"Is Wikipedia criticism justified?" Random Ratiocination. July 10, 2006 - "First, the story here is not that anyone can deface Wikipedia with blatant untruths. (After all, that is an obvious consequence of global editability.) The story is the rapidity with which correct information percolates into the system and falsehood is eliminated! It amazes me that the information on Lay was updated within twelve minutes of his death and that it was fact-checked and corrected within a few hours. What other knowledge repository has this kind of latency to correct information?"

"Wikipedia:Why Wikipedia is so great." Retrieved May 27th, 2008 - "Wikipedia, by its very nature, resists destructive edits (known as Vandalism). All previous revisions of an article are saved and stored. Once vandalism is committed, in three or four clicks we can have it reverted. Think about it: To vandalise a page extensively, you would probably need around thirty seconds (unless it involved simply blanking the page). Compare that to the five to ten seconds it takes to revert an article. Couple that with IP blocking and dedicated souls that monitor edits to the encyclopedia, and you have a solid resistance against destructive edits."

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