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Argument: Co-ops implement a more holistic, preventive approach

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Supporting quotations

Andy Kroll. "Moving past public options and health care co-ops". Mother Jones. August 19, 2009: "Dr. Eric Larson, MD, MPH, and the executive director of Group Health, one of the leading co-ops in the nation, recently wrote to me. [after the jump.] [...] Larson strongly emphasized not just Group Health's co-op model but how it chooses to deliver care—namely, its focus on integrative care, care that treats patients from a more holistic perspective and seeks to proactively treat illnesses and diseases rather than reactively. It's a model that, unlike so much of our health care system, emphasizes primary care medicine and preventive care—a proven way to prevent chronic conditions, which are, of course, a major contributor to skyrocketing health costs."

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