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Argument: Co-ops are not government-run like public insurance

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Supporting quotations

"Cooperatives Being Pushed as an Alternative to a Government Plan". Washington Post. August 18, 2009: "As prospects fade for a public, or government-run, option as part of health-care reform, key senators are considering another model to create competition for private insurers: member-owned, nonprofit health cooperatives. [...] Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), the chief advocate for including cooperatives in reform legislation, has cited examples as disparate as the Land O'Lakes dairy concern, rural electricity cooperatives and Ace Hardware. [...] But so far, cooperatives have been defined in the health-care debate primarily in terms of what they are not: They would not be run by the government. [...] That may make the cooperatives more politically palatable to conservatives, as well as to some Democrats such as Conrad, who fear that the public option may be a bridge too far."

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