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Argument: Closing TGD due to future problems is unlikely given its size

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Supporting evidence

  • Vaclav Smil, Ph.D. "Damming the three Gorges". Missing Energy Perspectives, Chapter 9. Retrieved 2.08.08 - "Plant Size Since the early 1970s all the leading Western economies have come to recognize the perils of large dams. Even in Canada, such giant projects as Phase II of the James Bay Project face increasing opposition because of their inordinate demand for capital and skills, and their almost invariably negative environmental impacts. Above all, they are inherently inflexible: once the project is built, its high cost would render it too expensive not to operate, even when its negative impacts warrant mothballing the project.
Simplistic assessments of the Three Gorges Project as an energy supply option – detached from judging the economic merit of generating more state-subsidized electricity to supply the horribly inefficient industrial sector – may show economic benefits because they fail to account for the long-term impacts ranging from reservoir sedimentation to coastal erosion. Such impacts were anticipated at other large-scale dam projects inside and outside of China, and were judged to be acceptable and manageable in view of the huge benefits expected – but became intractable burdens just a few years or a decade after the dams were built."

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