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Argument: China is exceeding expectations/obligations to lower its emissions

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Supporting quotations

Kevin A Baumert and Nancy Kete. "Will Developing Countries' Carbon Emissions Swamp Global Emissions Reduction Efforts". World Resource Institute. 2002 - One of the concerns regarding the Kyoto Protocol has been that it exempts developing nations from targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Accordingly, many people worry that developing country emissions will skyrocket as they develop economically, effectively swamping the expensive efforts of developed countries required to make large investments in lowering their emissions. However, evidence has shown that this is not likely. [...] developing countries are already taking substantial actions to reduce emissions growth, even in the absence of international commitments (Biagini 2000). [...] China's actions are nothing short of remarkable. The world's most populous country reduced its emissions, in absolute terms, 19 percent between 1997 and 2000. This is simply unprecedented, especially considering that China's economy grew by 15 percent over the same period (EIA 1999). Although the exact causes of the emissions decline are not certain, China has been engaged in sweeping energy policy reforms over the last two decades to promote energy efficiency and conservation (2). Measures taken include the following: reductions in fossil fuel subsidies; research, development and demonstration projects; a national information network with efficiency service and training centers; tax reforms; equipment standards; and special loan programs, among other initiatives. These measures represent emission savings equal to nearly the entire U.S. transportation sector, about 400 million tons per year (Zhang 1999)."

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