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Argument: Child curfews will only undermine the law

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Supporting quotations

Shami Chakrabarti (left), a director of Liberty. - "This is the first test case of the law, and the timing of it is important. It follows the Queen's Speech, where the Prime Minister is talking about bringing in yet more 'anti-yob' powers. And the summer holidays are coming up, when there are likely to be lots of curfew zones in place.

"At 9pm on an August evening it is almost broad daylight. The idea that a 15-year-old should be arrested for walking down the street is quite unfair.

"This teenager and kids all over the country have been and will be under curfew,and therefore will be liable to arrest and forced escort home without doing anything wrong.

"In effect, it will be a crime to be 15. It is ludicrous. These powers are just over-broad, and make no distinction between the innocent and the guilty, which isn't the way to introduce a generation of young people to a culture of respect.

"Unjust laws are a great way to alienate a generation of young people.[1]

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