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Argument: Charter schools offer parents choices in public schools

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

"Contracting for Success: Charter Schools Offer Choice". Duke University. Summer 2005 - Although charter schools are found in many cities and towns, students and parents often do not fully understand them. Some mistakenly refer to charter schools as “voucher” or “private” schools. Others wrongly believe that the schools can be selective and therefore discriminatory in their enrollment, or that they are unaccountable to any governing body regarding curriculum or the reporting of student achievement. Many people would be surprised to learn that charter schools are actually public schools created to add choice.

For parents who believe that the public schools where they live do not serve their children adequately, charter schools provide an alternative in states that permit them. In fact, a charter school often begins as the brainchild of a group of parents, teachers, or school administrators. This group, often dubbed the school design team, sets out to create a school that it feels will work for its members and their children. The team formulates a plan that clearly spells out the members’ framework and ideas and then determines whether these fit into the state’s regulations for charter schools.

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