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Argument: Charter schools are a type of public school for public benefit

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

"Contracting for Success: Charter Schools Offer Choice". Duke University. Summer 2005 - Although charter schools are found in many cities and towns, students and parents often do not fully understand them. Some mistakenly refer to charter schools as “voucher” or “private” schools. Others wrongly believe that the schools can be selective and therefore discriminatory in their enrollment, or that they are unaccountable to any governing body regarding curriculum or the reporting of student achievement. Many people would be surprised to learn that charter schools are actually public schools created to add choice.

Nicholas Johnson. "Charter Schools Offer Options". Iowa City Press-Citizen. "Opinion". August 15, 2000 - So what’s a charter?

It’s a contract, an agreement between an educational agency and a private group. Most run three to five years. The private group is given public money to run a public school. In exchange, it agrees to produce specified results. That’s the contract, or charter.

It’s not unlike the distinction our school district makes between the ends set by the School Board and the means for reaching them chosen by the superintendent.

Charter schools can innovate with any means, so long as they reach the ends. When they don’t, the charter can be revoked.

Without charter school legislation, the state holds the monopoly. That’s why it’s called public education.

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