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Argument: Cell phone use in cars probably saves lives

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Supporting quotations

Paul Tetlock, Jason Burnett and Robert Hahn. "Ban Cell Phones In Cars?". December 29, 2000 - Cell phones in cars make life more convenient and safe: People can coordinate their errands and schedules with friends and family, parents can check up on their children, stranded motorists can call a tow truck or get help in an emergency, and motorists frequently use cell phones to report accidents and fires to police. Indeed, it is nearly impossible to quantify these everyday benefits. How does one determine the number of lives saved by the near-instantaneous deployment of an ambulance to a crash scene, or the number of people who have been rushed to the hospital in time to prevent death or permanent injury?

Hilary Davis. "Cell phones save lives". Collegian. 12 Jan. 2007

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