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Argument: Calories alone are not a good measure of healthy menus

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Supporting quotations

Joe Weisenthal. "Restaurant Calorie Counts Are Hazardous To Your Health". The Business Insider. August 11, 2009: "the problem is, a nudge is only worthwhile if it nudges you in the right direction. And there's reason to think calorie counts will nudge you the wrong way. Calorie counts create the illusion of some unified measure of healthiness, as if low calories always equalled good and high calories always equal bad. [...] But it's not nearly so simple. We're not cars, and food isn't measured on an octane count. [...] For example, for lunch I just ate a monster salad consisting of mixed greens, an egg, purple celery, lean steak slices, avocado, cucumber, etc. It was delicious, full of nutrients, good fats and protein. I don't know the exact count, but it was obviously heavy on the calories. However, if you really think that you're 'light' granola bar with a few grapes, or 'guilt-free, fat-free muffin' or handfull of taboulli or half-a-bagel is healthier than my sald, you're nuts. They're just not, even if they're lower calories."

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