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Argument: Burglars often break into houses to steal guns

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Supporting evidence

  • Robert F. Drinan, Former Democratic US Congressman from Mass. and member of the House judiciary Committee, "Gun Control: The Good Outweighs the Evil", 1976 - "It would seem that the presence of a gun in the home, if this is known to a prospective burglar, would probably constitute an inducement, rather than a deterrent, to the commission of a crime. A gun in an empty house is a lure. A 1973 study by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council of New York City estimates that half-a-million handguns were stolen during burglaries in the previous year." Indeed, guns have a monetary value that can serve as an inducement to robbers. More importantly, though, guns have a value to criminal practices, which serves as an inducement for criminals to invade a property in attempt to acquire this valuable tool for their trade, particularly if their criminal status makes it impossible for them to acquire such weapons by legal means.

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