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Argument: Boycotting Olympics will cause China to respond to Darfur crisis

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • John J. Tkacik, Jr. "Beijing Olympics Boycott: A Wake-Up Call". Heritage Foundation. August 22, 2007 - "China reacted to mounting pressure by dispatching a 'peace envoy' to the Darfur region, and then claimed to have 'urged Khartoum to be flexible on a peace plan.' In reality, China's 'peace envoy' returned to Beijing to report that 'everything' is basically stable.' China's state media then blamed 'Sudanese secessionists and external hostile elements' (read: the United States) for "viciously 'promoting' and publicizing the issue.' Instead, said the Chinese media, 'the Darfur issue is a pure internal affair of the Sudan.'"
  • Kevin B. Blackistone. "U.S. should boycott Beijing Olympics". Politico. June 18, 2007 - "On top of it all is the particularly atrocious matter of Darfur, that region in Sudan where the United Nations says at least 400,000 people have been killed and 2.5 million made homeless since 2003 by attacks from Arab militias. The militias are orchestrated by Sudan's government, a government fueled mostly by oil sales to China. Amnesty International even charges China with supplying the weaponry used in Darfur."

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