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Argument: Bosnia and Herzegovina is stable under Dayton Agreement

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Supporting quotations

Gordon Milosevic. "It is wrong to sound alarms about a 'Bosnian powder keg'". Guardian. 31 Oct. 2008 - Sounding alarms about a "Bosnian powder keg" is unwarranted and, more importantly, unconstructive. It plays into the hands of those who want to use the international community to impose solutions favoured by one side against another, "solutions" that do not have the support of Bosnia-Herzegovina's people. It is time for the political leaders of Bosnia-Herzegovina to do the hard work of negotiating those solutions themselves, respecting the rights guaranteed to each of the constituent peoples under Dayton.

"Serb government says Dayton accord basis for Bosnian stability, European future". BBC. 6 Feb. 2008 - Banja Luka, 6 February: The [Bosnian] Serb Republic [RS] government has announced that it felt encouraged by the view taken by the European Parliament's delegation for cooperation with Southeast European countries that the Dayton agreement is a guarantee for the Bosnia-Hercegovina's survival and a stability and integrity of its entities.

"This view is in complete agreement with the many times repeated opinion of the Serb Republic's government that the Dayton agreement is a good basis for any constitutional change, and that its structure defined with the Dayton agreement is a guarantee of the Bosnia-Hercegovina stability," the RS public relations office's announcement says.

The RS government thinks that ideas that promote abandonment of the Dayton agreement as a basis for the constitutional changes are dangerous, and that the ideas of economic regions are nothing else but an open invitation for dissolution of the entities and deconstruction of the Dayton agreement.

"If proponents of these solutions continue to insist to completely ignore the Dayton agreement, then they should be aware that in doing so they are opening a room for different interpretations of the future organization [of B-H] as well," the announcement says.

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