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Argument: Benefits of marriage help gays stay together

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Supporting quotations

Marriage helps couples keep their commitments." Lambda Legal on Opposing Views: "Marriage provides protections for couples who have made a lifelong commitment to take care of and be responsible for each other. Keeping those commitments is harder when couples are barred from marriage, especially in tough times, because they may be denied the right to: 1. stop an eviction when the landlord says unmarried adults cannot live together 2. get social security benefits the couple earned through involuntary deductions to their paychecks. 3. get family medical leave to care for an ill partner. 4. make medical decisions for a partner in a coma 5. visit a dying partner in the hospital 6. carry out the wishes of a deceased partner for a memorial service and epitaph 7. keep the home and personal possessions after a partner dies without a will and unknown relatives appear with a moving truck."

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