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Argument: Banning head scarves in schools protects children from being forced

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

"Banning the hijab". Workers Power. Feb 2004 - "However, even whilst arguing against it, the left should support the right of women to veil themselves. But this right should not be extended to schoolgirls. First, as a religious practice, it is clearly in breach of the principle of secular education. Second, it is also a fundamental denial of the rights of a child (some argue that it is, in fact, a form of child abuse). The reality is that there will be cajoling and coercion by parents for girls as young as five to wear the hijab at an age where they will have little clue about their parents' religion (and that is why girls from non-Muslim families, who are free from this, do not wear it). Therefore, an important democratic right - equality with non-Muslim girls - is denied them."

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