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Argument: Bailout is investment in future tax revenues from US autos

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Supporting quotations

Kate McLeod. "Help Detroit!". Wow O Wow. 2 Dec. 2008 - "And remember — when we helped Chrysler with loan guarantees nearly 30 years ago, the company was saved and the government actually made a $350 million profit on the deal. Do you think we’ll ever get back any of the trillion dollars going to banks and Wall Street, 'no questions asked?'"

Bob Chaffin. "Failure to help Detroit 3 would affect 50 states." Tennessean. 30 Nov. 2008 - They have collectively paid billions in state, local and federal taxes and now failing to support them with a loan — not a bailout, a loan — will surely have an impact upon us all, which will have unforeseen and unintended repercussions for decades to come.

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