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Argument: An accident could end the political future of hydrogen cars

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Dr. Joseph Romm, a PHD in Physics from MIT and former assistant secretary of energy under President Clinton said in an interview with Motor Trends: What neither the Democrats nor Republicans may be prepared for, though, is the possibility of a major hydrogen-related crisis. It's no secret that, aside from bad weather, more space-shuttle launches have been delayed because of problems with the shuttle's hydrogen fuel (usually leaky tanks) than any other single cause. Using present methods, making, transporting, and storing hydrogen are difficult and potentially dangerous. And though any sort of catastrophic failure may not be likely to occur on a research vehicle constructed by a major manufacturer, with many smaller, private entrepreneurs hopping aboard what California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger calls the "hydrogen highway," few would be surprised if, at some point, something bad happens to a hydrogen-powered vehicle. And to what extent that might set back the progress and cause politicians to back away is anyone's guess.[1]

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