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Argument: An MBA is a great investment

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Supporting quotations

"The Pros and Cons Revisited." To MBA or not to MBA. May 6th, 2008: "I no longer have doubts about the ROI. I would have earned a perfectly good salary w/o an MBA but I now have far, far more options about when/where/how/why/what in the way of career. The intangible rewards are huge and make it all worthwhile for me. (The post-MBA earnings should be pretty good too.) However .... this is not true for all career paths/people ... do your own calculations."

Cathy Dove, Associate Dean of Johnson School of Cornell University. "Con: Many happy returns." "a look at the return on investment for a full-time, two-year MBA program in BusinessWeek’s ROI calculator reveals the annual 10-year ROI for the top schools ranges from 15.9% to 22.3% when using the calculator’s set defaults. Few investments generate those returns over 10 years or even over a lifetime of productive employment."

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