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Argument: Allowing medical marijuana shows compassion to the suffering

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Supporting quotations

Dennis Kucinich, US Representative (D-OH) and 2008 Democratic Candidate for US President, stated on Aug. 9, 2007: "It's a matter between doctors and patients, and if doctors want to prescribe medical marijuana to relieve pain, compassion requires that the government support that. And so as president of the United States, I would make sure that our Justice Department was mindful that we should be taking a compassionate approach."[1]

Consumer Reports Magazine. "Marijuana as Medicine - How Strong Is the Science?" May 1997: "Consumer Reports believes that, for patients with advanced AIDS and terminal cancer, the apparent benefits some derive from smoking marijuana outweigh any substantiated or even suspected risks. In the same spirit the FDA uses to hasten the approval of cancer drugs, federal laws should be relaxed in favor of states' rights to allow physicians to administer marijuana to their patients on a caring and compassionate basis."[2]

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