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Argument: A profit health care environment results in more frivolous lawsuits

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Supporting quotations

Nathan Newman. "Medical Malpractice and Universal Health Care". Progressive Populist. October 01, 2002 - "Poor Care, More Lawsuits: The US spends far more of its Gross Domestic Product on health care (13.0% in 2000 and rising) than any other nation, yet it delivers more unequal care with greater gaps and poorer health care results for the overall population. If you compare us just to other developed nations in Europe or Japan, you'll see the US comes far back on most infant mortality and life expectancy numbers, even though those countries spend less on health care.

So how does this relate to medical malpractice? Rather simply-- while health care is uneven and unequal in the US, there is a lot of very good care going along with the very poor health care. At the simplest level, when doctors are skimping on health care for those with limited health insurance, they inevitably are creating the conditions for lawsuits."

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