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Argument: $700b bailout is unjustified over majority taxpayer opposition

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Supporting quotations

"Poll: Most Americans Against Bush's Bailout Plan". Fox News. 26 Sept. 2008 - There is scant public support for President Bush's $700 billion federal rescue plan for the U.S. financial industry and little expectation it would solve the crisis that has roiled the markets and hobbled some of the country's largest investment firms, according to a poll released Friday.

Just 30 percent of Americans say they support Bush's package, according to an Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll released as White House and congressional leaders struggled to rescue the plan after House Republicans rebelled against it. Despite the president's pleas that the package is urgently needed to prevent an economic meltdown, 45 percent say they oppose Bush's proposal while 25 percent said they are undecided.

John Birch Society - The American people need to make it clear that passage of the bailout bill will be considered as this Congress' final act in abdicating is constitutional authority to faithfully represent us. If this Congress votes to make itself illegitimate, Americans will vote for a new Congress in just a few weeks.[1]

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) at the Senate hearing, September 23 2008 - I don’t think a single call to my office on this proposal has been positive.[2]

Todd Davis. "Valley congressman: Phone calls running 300 to 2 against bailout". L.A. Land. 25 Sept. 2008 - I can say that I’ve almost never seen the kind of unity and agreement between everyone I know. We all agree that the bailout is a joke. Republicans, Democrats, independents, people who normally don’t care. What almost everyone I know has in common is that they work hard, have loans, try their best to do the right thing, and still have to fight every day to get ahead.

I am proud of my fellow Americans for coming together and making it known to your local representatives of Congress that this is an insult to the people of America.

I am not proud of our representatives, who despite this outpouring of 300 to 2 contact, don’t seem to care. No matter if you have 0 houses or 10 houses, America is supposed to be a meritocracy.

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