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Argument: Net Neutrality is a solution in search of a problem

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Supporting evidence

Arpan Sura. "The Problem With Network Neutrality". FreedomWorks. May 2, 2006 - "Solution in Search of a Problem

Currently there are no principles of network neutrality encoded into law. So ISPs are already free to block or favor content as they please. It’s telling that none of them has. In fact, no proponent of network neutrality can cite an existing problem to which network neutrality is a solution."

In a June 2007 report, the Federal Trade Commission urged restraint with respect to the new regulations proposed by network neutrality advocates, noting the "broadband industry is a relatively young and evolving one," and given no "significant market failure or demonstrated consumer harm from conduct by broadband providers," such regulations "may well have adverse effects on consumer welfare, despite the good intentions of their proponents[9]."[1]

"A Power Grab Called 'Net Neutrality'" Investors Business Daily Editorial. October 21st, 2009: "The Internet is not broken and does not need to be fixed."

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