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Argument: NAFTA undermines national sovereignty and control of interests

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Parent debate(s)

"The NAFTA Superhighway"

  • Public Citizen. "The NAFTA Superhighway: Myth and Reality" August 13, 2007 - This article complains that NAFTA enables private multinational companies to gain control over key American interests that should be controlled by the government. The article cites the "Trans-Texas Corridor" (TTC) as an example, where corporate interests are overriding the concerns of rural Texans.
    • "The NAFTA Superhighway". Christopher Hayes, The Nation. August 9, 2007 - "NAFTA Superhighway, as it is called, is just the beginning, the first stage of a long, silent coup aimed at supplanting the sovereign United States with a multinational North American Union...4,000 miles of highway, rail and freight corridors... up to four football fields wide at points, paving over as much as half a million acres of Texas countryside. The first section will be built and operated by a foreign enterprise, and when completed it would likely be the largest privatized toll road in the country."
    • San Gabriel Valley Tribune. February 13, 2007 - "Spain will own most of the toll roads that connect to the superhighway. Mexico will own and operate the Kansas City Smart Port. And NAFTA tribunal, not the U.S. Supreme Court, will have the final word in trade disputes. Will the last person please take down the flag?"

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