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Argument: Humans have dominion over animals

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Supporting Evidence

  • Davis, “The Hidden Costs of Sexier Lipstick:Animal Testing in the Cosmetic Industry”, Harvard Law School "Whatever it or other people understand “animals” (or “beasts,” as it calls them) to include, the Bible has been a starting point for many arguments involving animal rights: “Modern philosophical debate about the use of animals in biomedical research,” Smith and Boyd explain, “has roots in ancient Hebrew and Classical culture. In the Genesis myths, … man is given dominion over the animals, and the opportunity to name each species.”35 This biblical excerpt is one that some advocates of animal testing in the distant past relied upon to justify almost all action against animals in the name of furthering human welfare.36 Animals were put on this earth, the argument goes, for man to make use of in any way he saw fit."

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