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Argumen: Net neutrality saves Internet as ideal marketplace

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Supporting quotations

Doc Searls. "Net Neutrality vs. Net Neutrering." Linux Journal. March 3, 2006: "By framing the Net as a neutral place, we assure that it will continue to serve as what it has already been for more than ten years: a public marketplace where private enterprise of all forms can not only grow and thrive, but can do both better than it ever has anywhere, ever, before.

The principle we call Net Neutrality has its own natural laws, akin to those of gravity, motion and thermodynamics. The judicial laws we make, as we move toward new telecom regulation, need to respect the natural laws that define the Net and make it such an ideal habitat for business and culture."

"Letter from Technology Investors to FCC Chairman Genachowski Supporting Open Internet Rules." October 21, 2009: "We write to express our support for the Commission’s ongoing efforts to adopt rules to safeguard the open Internet. As business investors in technology companies, we have first-hand experience with the importance of a guaranteeing an open market for new applications and services on the Internet. Clear rules to protect and promote innovation at the edges of the Internet will reinforce the core principles that led to its extraordinary social and economic benefits. Open markets for Internet content will drive investment, entrepreneurship and innovation. For these reasons, Net Neutrality policy is pro-investment, pro-competition, and pro-consumer."

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